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21. April 2021 | Press Release

Innovation policy: High-Tech Forum points the way to greater participation, sustainability and implementation strength

Today, the High-Tech Forum publishes its key recommendations for the future innovation strategy in Germany. The Forum urges promoting and demanding greater courage and implementation strength in the service of the Sustainable Development Goals. It maintains that it is important to strengthen the mission-oriented policy approach. A broader innovation pact should help to bring more results of cutting-edge research into large-scale application. Spin-offs and start-ups from science need to be further encouraged and facilitated. Targeted deregulation and more experimental spaces would be as necessary as more effective participation formats.

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14. October 2020 | Press Release

High-Tech Forum: Bio-IT innovations will shape our lives

The convergence of biology and information technology is giving rise to groundbreaking innovations that will lead to completely new possibilities in medicine, agriculture and forestry or industrial production. Global players, particularly the big digital companies, are leading the way with far-reaching projects. This is the conclusion drawn by the High-Tech Forum in its analysis of "Bio-IT Innovations" published today. The board advises the Federal Government to put the topic on the political agenda, to strengthen bio-IT research, and to put it into practice together with society and industry.

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14. October 2020 | Press Release

High-Tech Forum calls for a change in thinking towards a culture of open science and innovation

The High-Tech Forum today published a new discussion paper on the subject of "Open Science and Innovation". The board calls on policymakers to create incentives for more openness in a national agenda. Only in this way can we harness knowledge and innovations to meet the major challenges of our time and create new business models. The COVOD-19 pandemic shows not least how essential it is for society to have rapid access to data in conjunction with international and open R&D collaboration.